Friday, February 6, 2009

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet - Less Estrogen For Weight Loss

The Anti Estrogenic Diet is reviewed by your peers on the consumer authority on the web. (The Anti-Estrogenic Diet)

My Initial Impression of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet is based on the book of the same name, a diet guide that carefully instructs dieter on how to lose weight by balancing their hormones. Yet unlike many guides that are simply about hormone cycles and how eating, sleeping, and exercising can change them, this book details the hormones we unknowingly consume. Author Ori Hofmekler discusses the various sources of estrogen in our daily lives, including a variety of foods and drinking water. It has worked its way into our lives—and water supply—through fertilizers that “chemically castrate,” human waste laced with birth control hormones, and mass-producing meat farms.

Estrogen, he states, is a group of steroids that in large amounts predisposes the body to gaining weight and developing diseases such as cancer. Women, men, and children of both genders can be harmed by too much estrogen in their diets/bodies, claims Hofmekler. This diet teaches individuals of all backgrounds how to effectively avoid estrogenic foods while detoxifying their bodies from any residual, unwanted estrogen (The Anti-Estrogenic Diet).

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Program & What The Author Says It Will Do This diet program seeks to keep dieters from consuming foods and water that will add more estrogen into their bodies. The fat from meat should be avoided particularly if it is not organic; in fact, Hofmekler advises against the top of the food chain in general. The first part of the Anti-Estrogenic Diet is a liver flush that lasts one week followed by a couple weeks of reprogramming the body to properly burn fat for energy (The Anti-Estrogenic Diet).

Dieters should stick with organic foods when possible and load up on fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, yogurt, and wild fish. Processed foods, refined four and sugar should be eliminated in the early phases and hardly allowed back afterwards. Anti-Estrogenic dieters are also advised to take vitamins derived from natural sources and supplement with the author-endorsed formulas listed in the book.

The Main Drawbacks To The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

Despite a fairly innovative basis for this diet, it is very similar to other carbohydrate-focused diets. This is not necessarily a mark against it, just a warning for those who have tried similar programs with few results. There is also the practical aspect of following the Anti-Estrogenic Diet—some individuals may find it difficult to complete a 1 week cleanse and then eat primarily vegetables and fruits during the day for 2 weeks while still carrying on their normal routine.

Would I try The Anti-Estrogenic Diet?

Hofmekler certainly makes a good point about the amount of estrogen we may be unknowingly consuming. Yet while I might take many of his principles and apply them to my own eating habits, I might not rely on this program completely. Rather than following the author’s supplement suggestions I’d rather find an herbal formula that burns fat and decreases appetite with the best ingredients available (The Anti-Estrogenic Diet).